China said that the US had crossed the “limits of what is allowed”


Washington is crossing all the “limits of what is permissible” on the Taiwan issue, Beijing is confident. Because of this, the PRC intends to firmly defend its sovereignty. It will not leave the separatists and their foreign accomplices the slightest chance of Taiwan’s independence.

As stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying, the United States on the Taiwan issue “constantly challenges China.” The Chinese diplomat added that Beijing has repeatedly protested to Washington because of the actions of the American authorities. Chunying added that if the US continues to act in the same way on the issue of Taiwan, it will lead to “serious consequences.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also reports that the PRC will take decisive measures to protect state sovereignty and territorial integrity if the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi comes to Taiwan. The warning was made against the background of Pelosi’s expected arrival on the island on Tuesday evening.

It was also noted that China and the United States maintain close contacts at all levels and through various channels.

In the last week, the Chinese army has been conducting regular exercises, including live firing. Many experts associate China’s military activity with Pelosi’s Asian tour.


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