Emergency power outages have been introduced in the Lviv region

Photo: Pixabay.com .

In the Lviv region, due to a shortage of electricity after the strikes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on infrastructure, as in many other regions of Ukraine, an emergency blackout had to be introduced.

As Maxim Kozitsky, the head of the Lviv regional Military Administration, said in his Telegram channel, by order of the NEC “Ukrenergo”, the schedules of rolling blackouts that were introduced earlier are no longer valid.

Now the majority of consumers fall under the shutdown. The light should continue to be applied only to critical objects.

At the same time, “polyclinics, boiler houses, communication stations, justice institutions and law enforcement agencies” had to be removed from the list of critical facilities.

Lviv power engineers hope that the electricity will be turned off for eight hours, then it will be returned for four hours, and then it will be turned off again for eight hours.

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