Kedmi revealed the secret of the limited supply of weapons by the West to Kiev

Yakov Kedmi. Photo: A frame from the video.

Military expert, former head of the Israeli special services Yakov Kedmi, in an interview with Russian scientist and political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky on the channel “Solovyov Live” answered the question why the United States and Europe are sending Kiev a limited number of weapons, which does not allow the Ukrainian army to make a breakthrough in the fighting.

As Kedmi stressed, it’s not about the West’s fear of Russia or greed. It’s just that the potential of the military-industrial complex of the West, which has been degraded for many years, is currently extremely low.

“Ukraine is a vivid illustration of the terrible diagnosis of the Western military–industrial complex,” Kedmi said. He noted that the German authorities said they would give as many weapons as they wanted, but in fact it turned out that they simply did not have military equipment.

“In fact, there are only 40 modern tanks in Germany. And in total, Germany has only two hundred plus tanks,” said Kedmi, adding that this is taking into account ancient rarities.

The expert stressed that Britain has about as many modernized tanks, and France has a little more or less new ones.

“Americans actually have big problems too. Here is the F-22, there are very few of them, piece goods, discontinued. The F-35 “ate” hundreds of billions, but came out much worse,” Kedmi continued, stressing that this is why these “strange meager arms supplies to Ukraine” are being carried out.

Kedmi believes that the West will not be able to restore the potential of the military-industrial complex in the coming years, since for this it is necessary to build new factories and find resources. At the same time, most of these enterprises have long gone bankrupt and there are only two or three giants that cannot work at full capacity due to the crisis.


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