Military commander Sladkov: Western mercenaries “gnobyat in the trenches” of the Ukrainian military

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov told about “wild geese” who are fighting on the side of Ukraine incognito and “pass through the black box office”. He called for distinguishing such detachments from foreigners officially entering military service, saying that in the latter case, “this is normal”.

According to Sladkov, there are about 1000 wild geese in Ukraine, and mostly they are Anglo-Saxons”.

“They also say that the salary of Poles has fallen from $ 1,500 a day to $ 1,000”, — wrote Sladkov in his Telegram channel.

The military commander suggested to the residents of Ukraine to think about the fact that foreign mercenaries are paid “big money”, and from captivity they are changed “on favorable terms and first of all”.

“Westerners are gnawing at you there and in the trenches”, —Sladkov addressed the Ukrainians.


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