Poland has decided to double the number of soldiers on the Belarusian border

Photo: A frame from the video

Poland has decided to double the number of military personnel concentrated on the country’s border with neighboring Belarus. This was stated by the Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak.

Earlier, the Polish border guard on the Belarusian border was strengthened by army units totaling a thousand people. Now the number of military personnel involved in helping the border guards will thus reach two thousand people.

The Polish authorities are strengthening the protection of the state border with Belarus due to concerns about the influx of migrants and refugees. The example of Lithuania forces the Polish authorities to act to pre-empt the migration threat. So, in the area of the village of Usnazh-Gurny in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, Polish border guards did not allow several dozen migrants to enter the country and blocked them at the border.

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