Prigozhin reported on an American general fighting in the Wagner PMCs

Evgeny Prigozhin. Photo: A frame from the video.

Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, the creator of the Wagner Group, said that an American general, whose name he did not name, is fighting in this military structure.

The press service of the company “Concord”, which is controlled by Prigozhin, cited on its VKontakte page his response to a request from the Finnish newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat” about whether there are non-Russian fighters in the PMCs “Wagner”, including from Finland.

“I have already commented that there are a sufficient number of fighters of foreign origin&”quot;,” Prigozhin replied, adding that earlier, at the request of the Czech telegram channel neČT24, he mentioned the “Czech Battalion named after Schweik”.

As for the citizens of Finland, then, according to Prigozhin, there are about 20 of them in the PMCs “Wagner”.

“As a rule, they are highly qualified specialists, very ideological and motivated,” the businessman said, noting that he had a very good opinion of the Finns on the field.

“They are fighting in a British battalion (as part of the PMCs «Wagner »), whose commander is a US citizen, a former general of the Marine Corps “, – said Prigozhin.


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