Prigozhin sent the European Parliament a sledgehammer with the logo of the Wagner PMCs and traces of “blood”

Photo: A frame from the video

The owner of the company “Concord” Evgeny Prigozhin handed over to the European Parliament “branded”sledgehammer. According to the telegram channel “CYBER FRONT Z”, to which the press service of “Concord” earlier, as she herself reported, handed over an information case to be sent to the European Parliament.

The message says that “in a violin case, which is an essential accessory of “musicians”, it turned out to be a branded sledgehammer.

“With, most likely, fake traces of blood”, – adds the channel.

Photo: A frame from the video

There is also a video of receiving a sledgehammer from, presumably, representatives of Prigozhin. The footage shows a violin case, in it – a sledgehammer with the inscription “PMK”Wagner. Red spots are visible on the wooden handle.

How it is planned to transfer the “case” to the European Parliament is not specified.

Earlier, Politico reported on the intention of the EP deputies to call on the EU to recognize the PMCs “Wagner” as a terrorist organization.


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