Putin commented on the expansion of NATO with a child’s tease

Photo: Frame from the video

Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with NBC journalist Kim Simmons spoke about the promise of NATO not to expand to the east, which was not supported by any documents. Simmons believes that NATO is the defending party, and Moscow is solely to blame for the aggravation of relations.

“During the Soviet period, Gorbachev-he, thank God, is alive and well, ask him-verbally, but still it was promised that there would be no expansion of NATO to the east. So where are these promises?» Putin asked the journalist. Simmons noted that these promises were never fixed anywhere.

“That’s right, they cheated the fool by four fists – that’s what they say in our country. We need to fix everything on paper, ” Putin continued, uttering a children’s tease popular with Russian children. He asked the journalist himself – why is NATO expanding to the east? The Alliance is bringing its military infrastructure closer to the Russian borders, although there is no threat from Russia, the Russian president added.

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