Sohu: Russia arranged an unpleasant” surprise ” for NATO before the meeting of Biden and Putin

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian military aircraft staged an unpleasant surprise for NATO before the summit with the participation of Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, which was held on June 16 in Geneva, according to Chinese analysts on the Sohu website. We are talking about the departure of Russian Tu-160 bombers, accompanied by two Su-27 and two Su-35 fighters. Then the planes of the NATO countries raised in the air could not even get close to them.

The flight of Russian planes over the neutral waters of the Baltic lasted 8 hours. “In an instant, several European countries began to panic,” the Chinese wrote. They note that everything happened at the most unpleasant moment for Western countries. After all, NATO representatives themselves periodically provoked Russia by arranging flights along its borders, and then they found themselves in a situation where they themselves met with an approaching squadron.

“The maneuvers of the Russian planes were a signal to the United States and its allies. Russia took advantage of the opportunity presented and showed its opponents that it is not even worth trying to conduct a dialogue with it from a position of strength,” Sohu observers write.

Earlier, Chinese analysts noted that this action led to the fact that NATO aircraft were exposed “to ridicule” as a result of inept actions.


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