The President “checked the clock” with United Russia

United Russia and experts believe that Vladimir Putin’s meeting with representatives of United Russia showed unity of views and approaches

On the eve of the final part of the pre-election congress of United Russia, on August 22, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the party. At the meeting, at the suggestion of the head of state, the tasks set for United Russia, how they are solved, as well as answers to new challenges that life constantly poses to Russians were discussed.

In other words, we were talking about a wide range of topics that are somehow affected by the program with which United Russia goes to the elections. As the president noted, the moment has come to ” check the clock, look at what has been done, what needs to be done.” In particular, the issues of social support for Russians, the continuation of the party’s solution of the most important tasks within the framework of the Duma work, issues of territorial development and a very difficult foreign policy situation were considered.

According to experts and representatives of the party, there is a complete mutual understanding between the president, who is one of the founders of United Russia, and those who represent it today in the elections, as well as in the field of lawmaking, in setting tasks and choosing methods for solving them.

Natalia Lindigrin, Executive Director of the Institute of Regional Problems:

– The last meeting, in my opinion, once again confirms that the president sees United Russia as the most constructive political force in the country. With her, he discusses the most important state decisions, consults and gives instructions.

Vladimir Putin supported the party’s program proposals, which concern both support for socially vulnerable citizens and developing small businesses. He also focused on the initiative of Sergei Shoigu on the development of Siberia, Sergey Lavrov’s position in protecting the foreign policy interests of the state. It is noticeable that the tasks set by the leaders of the party list gathered at the meeting today are close and understandable to the president.

I would especially like to note that this conversation, although it took place on the eve of the voting day, went far beyond the limits of the electoral season and its results. It is clear that the party is determined to continue working, including on its people’s program. And the president is counting on the implementation of everything that was discussed, regardless of the electoral context.

Andrey Krasov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Member of the Board of the Russian Association of Heroes, Hero of the Russian Federation, LLC:

– First, I will focus on the issue that was paid attention to by the president and two people who are among the five (leading the federal list of the party in the elections. – Ed.), Sergey Shoigu and Sergey Lavrov. This is, of course, a security issue. This is very relevant, because we understand what events are happening around Russia now: The exercises of the pseudo-defense organization of NATO have become more frequent, its contingent is strengthening near the borders of the Russian Federation. What has happened now in Afghanistan is also does not add to the world community. And we understand that if we do not pay attention to the issue of Russia’s security, then any plans that we have now, they are not feasible. Therefore, stability in the state, stability in our society and stability in every family is necessary. Why is this necessary? To move on. A lot has been done over the past five years, but this is, we can say, a step from which it is necessary to start and move on: to develop the country, our society, and improve the well-being of our families. 

If we ensure the safety of our citizens, so that they can look to the future without fear, can give birth to children, take them to kindergartens, schools, so that children study at universities and then work, then we can implement social projects, among other things. First of all, these are those projects that are aimed at the family, at supporting, including large families, children who are brought up in single-parent families. Such steps were taken by the state on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a difficult time for the country. And everything possible has been done so that our Armed Forces can fulfill their tasks according to their intended purpose. 


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