“They live in a different world”: Igor Chubais after Putin’s speech called for ” changing the system»

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The philosopher and sociologist Igor Chubais wrote in his blog on the “Echo of Moscow” post, in which he commented on the speech of Vladimir Putin at the congress of “United Russia”. The comment of Chubais turned out in the form of a semblance of a manifesto. “I was once again convinced that these people live in a different world,” the politician stressed.

Chubais mentioned several problems that the Russian president did not mention. First, about poverty and the “exhaustion of the system”. In Russia, 80 million people are below the poverty line. “Prices for food and everything vital are rising, salaries and pensions are not changing,” Chubais said.

Secondly, in Russia, there continues to be “exorbitant” corruption. There is a huge income gap between the rich and the poor in the country. In addition, there are about 4 million “forgotten” homeless people in the Russian Federation, tens of millions of people receive salaries of $ 150.

“We need to change the system,” Chubais added.

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