White House: Biden knows about Zelensky’s stress

The US presidential administration, against the background of a number of media publications about the deep distrust between Washington and Kiev, said that American leader Joe Biden understands the stress his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky is under, and admires his personal qualities and courage. This was announced by the coordinator for strategic Communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby.

During the briefing, journalists asked Kirby to comment on a publication in The New York Times newspaper, which reported “deep distrust between the White House and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.”

Kirby did not confirm or refute the conclusions given in the article. He recalled that Biden “spoke many, many times about his admiration for the leadership qualities and courage of President Zelensky.”

The White House spokesman also added that Biden “had a lot of personal talks with Zelensky and understands the stress the president of Ukraine is under right now.” According to Kirby, Biden respects Zelensky and is “fully committed to continuing to support Ukraine.”

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