Zakharova ridiculed the White House statement on Zelensky’s condition

Vladimir Zelensky, video frame. source: social networks

The statement of the coordinator for strategic communications in the National Security Council of the White House John Kirby that the behavior of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is explained by the fact that he is in “stress”, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on her telegram channel.

“What a wonderful alternative to all sorts of rudeness and vulgarity,” the diplomat wrote. And she noted that such a dialogue sounds “more beautiful”.:

– How’s he doing?

– He is stressed.

She also stated with a hint that this is “an elegant replacement of the physiological location with a piquant state.”

Earlier, at a press conference at the White House, Kirby was asked to clarify in connection with the publication in The New York Times of the opinion of journalist Thomas Friedman that “there is a deep distrust” between the White House and Zelensky – “much more than reported.”

Friedman said that US officials are “much more concerned about the Ukrainian leadership” than they show in public speeches. The fact that Zelensky dismissed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the head of the SBK from his duties, Friedman called “fun things” and noted that he had not met “messages that would convincingly explain what the point is here.”

The journalist thinks that it looks like “as if we did not want to dig deeper into what concerns Kiev, because we are afraid of what kind of corruption and what kind of tricks we will see when we have invested so much in it.”

Kirby did not confirm Friedman’s statements, but neither did he deny them. He said Biden “has spoken many, many times about his admiration for President Zelensky’s leadership qualities and courage.” Kirby also said that Biden “knows, understands the stress President Zelensky is under,” will respect him and is “committed to further support Ukraine.”


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