Gordon said that Poroshenko and Putin are members of “the same gang»

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Journalist Dmitry Gordon in his talk show “Right to Vlada” called the former head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin members of “one gang”. A recording of the show is available on TSN’s YouTube channel.

He said that about a month ago, Poroshenko’s lawyer said that he wanted to file a lawsuit because of the statement that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine “agreed on the surrender of Mariupol.”

“Now I claim that Poroshenko and Putin, Poroshenko and Medvedchuk are all one gang. My aides listened to 35 hours of recordings of the talks of the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Viktor Medvedchuk. During the conversations, Poroshenko’s last name was repeatedly mentioned. This is a disgrace to Ukraine. People with a weak mind listen to thiscannot. File a lawsuit, it will be fun, ” Gordon said.

Earlier, the former president of Ukraine filed a lawsuit for libel against Gordon. Poroshenko was outraged by the journalist’s words, in which he claimed that Poroshenko ” colluded with Putin and ordered the Ukrainian army to leave Mariupol in 2014 as part of this deal.”

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