The APU denied the data on the capture of the village with 37 Russians

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine refute the data on the capture of the village of Staromariivka in the Donbass. It is located in the “gray zone”.

As the press center of the 93rd brigade “Kholodny Yar” (an extremist organization banned in Russia) pointed out on Facebook, they deny the information that was published by the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper “” by Yuri Butusov.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that recently the events in the Donbass have become alarming, on the verge of tragic development and are characterized by a serious aggravation. And now Moscow does not rule out further degradation in the Donbas due to Kiev’s actions.

Before that, the Ukrainian media wrote that the troops had captured the village of Staromaryevka in the Telmanovsky district. At the same time, the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Svetlana Petrenko, stated that the agency would check the message about 37 Russians whom the AFU soldiers allegedly captured in Staromariivka. It was also reported about the first use by the Ukrainian military of the Turkish Bayraktar drone.


The second round of local elections took place in Georgia


On Saturday evening, voting in the second round of municipal elections ended in Georgia, during which the mayors of 20 municipalities were elected, including Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti and Rustavi. Also, citizens of the country elected deputies to regional assemblies in 24 majority districts.

Polling stations – more than 1,8 thousand in total – closed at 20:00 local time.

Even before the closure of the polling stations, the ruling Georgian Dream party declared that they had won in all two dozen municipalities.


Strelkov gave a tough forecast for the Turkish Bayraktar drones in the Donbass

“Ukraine is a rusty knife that is thrown away after use”

Ukraine for the first time used the Bayraktar TB2 Turkish attack drone in the Donbass and ironed the artillery position of the People’s Militia of the DPR in the Granitny district of Donetsk region. Is Donbass waiting for a full-scale offensive of Ukrainian troops in the near future and why is Russia reacting so sluggishly to what is happening — after all, citizens with Russian passports have been living in this territory recently? Igor Strelkov, the former Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, presented his version of events.


— As we like to say, it was 146% expected. Otherwise, why did Ukraine acquire these drones? With whom was she going to fight, except with Donbass? I have nothing more to add.

— Because our elite military corps in Syria is being held hostage by Erdogan. If the Turks block the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles— we will be left without everything. We will not be able to fight in the Syrian theater of operations with Turkey.

We are not able to support our group across the world, whereas Turkey has Syria at its side. And even if the Suez Canal and Gibraltar are closed to our ships. Therefore, the Turks will have to be treated extremely gently. So, it became known from recent news that Russian troops left the city of Tel Rifat in northern Syria – this is when Erdogan announced that he was going to conduct a military operation against the Kurds there. Now only the Persians remain there. It is unlikely that it will be possible to withdraw our corps from Syria urgently because of the agreements with Assad.

– Yes, tangerines are important.

— I firmly believe that it will not be possible to launch Nord Stream-2 properly anyway. This is a sweet carrot, long suspended by the West in front of Russia’s nose. Permanent concessions are being specially beaten out of us, and we are being led to them for the sake of so many years and so much money that has been invested in this project. A huge number of careers, both personal and corporate, are tied to it. And if the Nord Stream-2, relatively speaking, collapses, then not only heads will fly, a series of serious bankruptcies are possible …

Therefore, based on today’s rise in gas prices, we will delay any decisions against both Turkey and Ukraine. Moreover, I am sure that Ukraine decided on the current new aggravation also not on its own. Zelensky’s similar behavior became possible only after consultations with Biden. America wants to put pressure on Russia on all fronts. It is possible that Washington felt that Moscow was not fulfilling the agreements that were reached during the last meeting between Putin and Biden.

– Ukraine is in the position of a rusty knife that will be thrown away immediately after its use. This is a broken piece from Russia, which can either be anti-Russia, or no one needs it. It’s stupid to be jealous of cannon fodder.

– The drone hit a battery of light howitzers D-30 122 mm. I shot him without the slightest resistance from the air defense, since the Donetsk Republic does not have its own air defense.

By the way, Ukraine constantly conducts small-scale tactical ground operations there. Now they have occupied Staromariivka, but even before that their sabotage groups went there regularly. It was a “gray zone” that formally belonged to the DPR. Now they have laid a pontoon crossing, captured the village, that is, there is a concrete advance of the Ukrainian troops.

The shelling simultaneously with the use of drones ironed the entire line of defense of the LPR and DPR with the heaviest calibers from Lugansk Bakhmutka, where the former Ghost brigade is, to Telmanovo – this is the south of the Donetsk region. According to my data, the night before yesterday, Ukraine began withdrawing significant forces of its barrel and rocket artillery from the places of permanent deployment from Artemovsk and Slavyansk. All of them are directed to the area south of Donetsk. All this suggests that they are planning to launch another tactical strike, although a large-scale offensive, apparently, is not yet being prepared.

Considering that the same Dokuchaevsk is surrounded by them from three sides, they have a high chance to cut it off and take it. And the southern section of the front from Donetsk to the Azov coast is solid steppes, the militia has nowhere to hide equipment and control panels, which is why both artillery and aviation, including attack drones, can be most successfully used there.

– If ordered from Washington, no one doubts it. But, as it seems to me, Ukraine will not attack Crimea until it completes the operation in the Donbass to destroy the republics. Well, where will they move next … the border between Ukraine and Russia is large.


Merkel spoke about her plans after completing her political career

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel told what she will do after she leaves big politics. She said this in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

Now she sees a number of things that she “lacked as a chancellor.” Perhaps she will embark on a journey, or take up reading. She also wants to “just do something in her free time, knowing that nothing fateful will happen in 20 minutes.”

In addition, Merkel said that she felt relieved and also grateful when she received a notice of resignation from the hands of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. And she also realized that she wanted to express great gratitude for the fact that she could hold this position for 16 years.

Merkel also felt satisfied with the work done. Also, the acting Chancellor admitted that over time she may feel a slight sadness.

On October 26, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel an official notice of resignation from the post of head of government. Since that day, she has been in the status of acting Chancellor. Angela Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany since November 22, 2005, for sixteen years.


The Foreign Ministry said about discrimination of diplomats vaccinated with the Russian vaccine


The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow sees signs of a discriminatory attitude abroad towards Russian diplomats who were vaccinated against coronavirus with a Russian vaccine. Earlier, the media reported that a number of foreign diplomats who arrived in Russia could not get a QR code, as they were vaccinated with drugs not registered in the country. At the same time, it was reported that Russian diplomats abroad faced similar problems.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “in some foreign countries,” local authorities “introduce the order of movement for the quarantine period,” which complicates the work of domestic representative offices and puts their employees “in a deliberately unequal position.”

“De facto, this can be interpreted as discrimination against our diplomats,” the ministry added.


The military expert named the goals of a possible offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas

Ukraine pulls troops to the front line

The General Staff of Ukraine reported on the first case of the use of strike drones by Ukrainian aviation in the Donbas. The Bayraktar TB2 drone attacked an artillery battery of the forces of the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic. The video taken by the drone at the time of the attack has already spread online. Eyewitnesses report on social networks that Ukraine is transferring large reinforcements to the front line, intending to achieve a turning point in the Donbass conflict. So the war is coming soon? MK asked the expert about this.


Apparently, Ukraine is preparing for a new stage of the war in the Donbas. This is evidenced by data coming not only from the line of demarcation between the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the forces of the DPR and LPR, but also from the depths of the country. Dozens of videos are published online, which depict the transfer of troops from the interior of the country to the east. A large number of light and heavy armored vehicles, artillery and military vehicles were seen as part of railway echelons and automobile columns.

The situation began to escalate after the Ukrainian Armed Forces first detained the Lugansk representative in the joint observation mission, and then for the first time in history used an unmanned strike aircraft in the Donbas. A Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 attack drone struck an artillery position of the DPR forces near the village of Telmanovo and destroyed, according to various sources, one or more guns.

Some sources report that as a result of the strike, one fighter was injured and one gun was partially disabled. At the same time, the APU occupied the village of Staromarinka located in the frontline zone. In the remaining sectors of the front, the DPR forces were able to hold their positions.

At the request of the MK, military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky described a possible scenario for the development of events in the Donbas, and also told what to expect from Ukrainian drones.

Words cannot describe what started in the media after the news about the use of these drones. All the statistics of their use in various conflicts have come out, and often completely divorced from reality. The only more or less objective source on this issue are services that count losses in modern conflicts based on photos andvideos. According to their data, the largest number of these drones were destroyed not in Karabakh, not in Syria, but in Libya, more than 20 pieces. And the fact that in Libya they failed to make some kind of cardinal change in the balance of power. This is the first. The second thing that can be said now, when everything seems to have calmed down a little, is that the raid was a trial and did not cause significant losses. I haven’t done it yet.

– They do it right. In my opinion, about six months ago, in a conversation with your publication, I drew attention to this: that the DPR-LPR fighters need to look into the air more often. Because even then, drones were being tested at landfills, calculations were being trained. Now we know that they are prepared, that there are enough of them in Ukraine. The second is now obvious that inthe air defense system of the unrecognized republics has “holes”, or, more simply, “unprotected areas through which drones can pass unnoticed. But at the same time, they are not acting as brazenly as in Karabakh. There they calmly attacked the Armenian positions far behind the front line. So far, they are acting cautiously here. Apparently, they are studying the enemy.

“The APU has a single strategy, which they have been trying to implement since 2014. Its essence is simple: to dissect the territory held by the militia forces with several blows, as well as to cut it off from the border with Russia. And then successively add pressure. That’s their only strategy. The task is set before the drones: to laymake way for armored formations, as well as suppress enemy air defenses in order for manned aircraft to enter into action. If Kiev decides to attack, then this plan will be implemented. But for now, perhaps, we are talking about some kind of “muscle play” on the part of Ukraine. We have repeatedly observed this in recent years.


Armenia introduces mask regime in the open air


The Ministry of Health of Armenia announced the decision to introduce a mandatory mask regime in the open space due to the deterioration of the situation with the spread of COVID-19.

“From November 1, it is necessary to wear masks in public open places,” the message says.

It is indicated that exceptions will be made for children under the age of 5, as well as for participants of protocol events with the President, Catholicos, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, as well as the heads of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Judicial Council. At the same time, “the exception does not apply to service personnel and journalists.”


Pushkov was amused by Poland’s reaction to the fine from the EU

EU member states pay for economic benefits with sovereignty

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the reaction of the Polish authorities to the Court’s decision in his Twitter microblog Of the European Union, on the payment of a fine.

photo frame from video

Recall that the amount of penalty payments in Warsaw is one million euros per day until the abolition of the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court.

“The EU member states pay for the benefits in the economy with sovereignty. In Warsaw, they didn’t know where they were joining?” – Pushkov wrote.

The senator also reminded Warsaw that “you can’t be a little pregnant.”

In Poland itself, such penalties were called an unacceptable form of dictate and evidence that relations with Brussels have reached a critical level.


The new ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova has twenty-two children

She has been protecting children’s rights since 2008

Maria Lvova-Belova, a senator of the Federation Council, became the new Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation instead of Anna Kuznetsova, who moved to the State Duma. Maria is 37 years old, she is a graduate of the Samara Academy of Culture and Art. Since 2008, Maria has been engaged in public and political activities in the field of protecting the rights of children with disabilities.


At a glance, the new ombudsman has a lot in common with Anna Kuznetsova, who has gone to the vice-speaker of the lower house of the Duma. Maria Lvova-Belova is also a priest’s wife and a mother with many children. She and her husband Pavel Kogelman (ordained to the ROC in 2019, before that he worked as a programmer) have 5 children of their own. In 2012 and 2013, four more foster children appeared in their family. How is sheShe also said in an interview with Vladimir Putin, “thirteen young children with disabilities are under guardianship, but they do not live with me, they live in my assisted living projects.” It is interesting that at one time both ladies – who resigned from the post of Ombudsman and who had just assumed this position – worked in the same Penza social organization.

Maria Lvova-Belova is known as the founder and executive director of the autonomous non-profit Penza organization for the promotion of social adaptation of the individual “Louis Quarter”. The name of this rehabilitation center for helping young people with disabilities was given in honor of  Louis Armstrong. As a child, the future musician was left without careHe lived in a dangerous area called the “Battlefield”, and if it weren’t for the neighbors-trustees, he probably wouldn’t have become a great jazz player. In 2017, on the initiative of Maria Lvova-Belova, the first boarding school in Russia for young people with severe disabilities “Veronika’s House” began operating in Penza. She entered politics in Lviv-Belova in 2019, the same year she joined the United Russia party.

– I have known Maria Lvova-Belova since about 2009– – writer Alexander Gezalov, known for supporting orphans, told MK. – In communication, he is a pleasant, intelligent person. Yes, perhaps part of the biography really connects her with Anna Kuznetsova. I know Maria more from working with children with disabilities than from protecting orphans. Working with orphaned children is always a separate, very difficult story. I wish Maria great success, strength and attention for everyone.