The European Union has not reached a consensus on its readiness to accept Afghan refugees

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Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on his Twitter account that the countries of the European Union have not yet come to a consensus on the issue of accepting Afghan refugees.

“The EU member states should decide for themselves whether they want to receive a new wave of migrants or not. Now there is no qualified or at least ordinary majority in the EU Council to come to some kind of consensus on this issue, ” the politician wrote.

Recall that Slovenia holds the presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2021.


Biden could not name the number of US losses in Afghanistan


US President Joe Biden, speaking to reporters at the White House, could not name the number of losses of American troops in Afghanistan without a hint, for memory.

After a request from one of the journalists to name the exact number of US military losses in Afghanistan since 2001, the head of state reached into his pocket and took out a note from the inside pocket of his jacket.

” I have this card with me every day. We actually lost 2,448 Americans in Afghanistan. Another 20,722 soldiers were wounded, ” Biden read.

According to him, it was such high numbers of losses that led him to the idea of the need to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.


“They are afraid of Russia”: Zelensky explained the absence of European leaders on the “Crimean platform”


Many Western leaders did not participate in the Crimean Platform forum organized by the Ukrainian authorities, because they are afraid of Russia. This opinion was expressed by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with the TV channel “Ukraine”.

“Many leaders are very afraid, I don’t even want to say who is afraid. And you will see, you know all the leaders who support Ukraine, sympathize. But you understand that we have invited all these leaders to the Crimean Platform. Therefore, they are afraid, they are afraid of Russia. And it’s true, Europe is afraid of Russia. This needs to be recognized, and this is normal, ” he said.

According to the Ukrainian leader ,the “Crimean Platform” will not turn out to be a one-day forum.

On August 3, the first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Emine Dzhaparova, stated that Ukraine would not be able to hold the forum annually due to a lack of funds for such a large-scale event, so Kiev will think about where to” park “the” Crimean platform”.


Naftogaz demanded that Europe book gas volumes through Ukraine

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The head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, said at a briefing on Sunday that Kiev insists that this autumn European companies should book gas volumes for transit through the territory of Ukraine for the long term. According to him, even if the contract with Gazprom is extended, this is not sufficienta guarantee that a sufficient amount of gas will be pumped through Ukraine.

“But at the same time we say, and the German side said this, that we are really ready to talk about extending the current contract (with Gazprom), “Vitrenko stressed, adding that the company is ready to discuss contracts with European companies as well.


Merkel announced the termination of Europe’s gas purchases from Russia

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned at a press conference in Kiev after a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the times will soon come when Europe will not buy Russian gas.

“At the latest in 25 years, gas from Russia to Europe will not be exported at all or in much smaller volumes,” she noted when it came to the continuation of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine to the EU after 2024 in connection with the construction of the Nord Stream-2 project.

Merkel stressed that Ukraine should prepare for the fact that Europe will be more independent of gas supplies, and should understand what to do when this happens.

& quot; For example, you can cooperate on hydrogen. But such a project needs to be developed step by step, in 2024 it will not be able to replace gas, ” she added.


Putin said that United Russia should maintain its positions after the elections

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United Russia party should maintain its positions after the elections and will be able to make important decisions for the country at the legislative level.

Putin added that the party’s program is a “living document” that should respond to changes in the world and the country.

“What United Russia has done recently, and a lot has been done – we have passed this period much more effectively than in the developed economies of the world-this creates a good basis for us to solve the tasks I have mentioned,” the president added.


Putin urged to pay pensioners another 10 thousand rubles

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At a meeting with representatives of United Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the party to organize a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles to Russian pensioners after the State Duma elections. He stressed that assistance is necessary for those segments of the population whose incomes directly depend on the state.

“It should concern all categories of pensioners – both working and non-working, and the military,” the president stressed. He believes that relatively high inflation “eats up” the funds of pensioners, so they need additional support. He also noted that the annual inflation was 6.5% at the end of the year. But for pensioners, inflation is even more significant due to the peculiarities of the consumption structure.

Earlier, the president described the United Russia program as a “living document”, and noted that the party should maintain its positions after the elections.


Zelensky discussed Donbass and Nord Stream-2 with Merkel

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has completed talks in Kiev with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At a press conference, he said that during the talks he discussed with Merkel the process of a peaceful settlement in the Donbass. He noted that he outlined the position of Kiev, which is that first we need to achieve a permanent ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners.

In addition, according to Zelensky, he touched on the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. According to Zelensky, he once again brought to the German Chancellor that Kiev considers this gas pipeline a dangerous geopolitical weapon.


Klitschko was not allowed to meet Merkel at the Kiev airport

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The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, was not allowed to enter the Kiev Boryspil airport, where he arrived to participate in the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In his telegram channel, Klitschko wrote that his presence is spelled out in the protocol, because he is the mayor of the city where the head of state arrives on an official visit. According to him, during the previous visit of Angela Merkel to Ukraine, he always came to meet her.

“But this time they didn’t let me in. Of course, I will not break through by force. But this is the first time in my practice as a mayor, ” an outraged Klitschko wrote.

It should be noted that now Klitschko is in a difficult situation on the verge of retirement. He believes that they want to remove him in the environment of Vladimir Zelensky. He himself is very well acquainted with Angela Merkel and could enlist her support before the Chancellor’s meeting with the President of Ukraine.


Jalopnik: Russia was able to build a “strange round ship”

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On the pages of the American edition of Jalopnik, a material appeared dedicated to the armored monitor “Novgorod”, built in 1870 in Russia. The first such ships were built by the northerners during the Civil War in the United States – their first ship was called “Monitor”. Outwardly, it looks like a huge plate filled with military equipment.

This vessel was driven by steam power, had a rotating drive tower. Such vessels had a low side, were suitable for patrolling rivers, but it made no sense to use them at sea.

The designer of the “Novgorod” was the rear admiral of the Russian Imperial Fleet Andrey Alexandrovich Popov. First he made a plan of the ship, then a mock-up, and then he achieved the construction of the ship itself. The ship was powered by six steam engines with a total capacity of 3,360 horsepower. “The steam engines and boilers were so massive that they occupied about half of the internal volume of the ship,” the author of the article notes.

The maximum speed of the “Novgorod” did not exceed 12 km/h. It took 45 minutes for the ship to turn around completely. It could be called clumsy – and the reason lay in its shape. However, because of the same shape, it could spin around its axis very quickly.

Soon, such vessels began to be used for the coast guard. In bad weather, they became almost uncontrollable. “At least during one trial voyage upstream of the Dnieper, this ship (and another larger one called “Vice Admiral Popov”) was spun by the current, and they became uncontrollable. Almost everyone on board experienced an unpleasant dizziness, ” the article says. The author adds that the very fact of the existence of such ships is surprising.