The US said that Russia benefits from climate change

Washington is afraid of Russia’s “appetites” in the Arctic

Military experts are sure that the White House should prepare for the confrontation between Washington and Moscow in the Arctic, since global warming “provides a service” to Russia, geographically located in the immediate vicinity of this region.


According to The National Interest, American military specialist Caleb Larson, commenting on the consequences of global warming for different countries, said that Russia will receive a certain benefit from it, since due to its unique geographical location it will take advantage of the development of the Arctic.

“Due to climate change, the northern sea routes will increasingly remain ice-free, … navigation for Russian vessels will be significantly simplified… It will also be easier for Russia to develop minerals, ” the expert is sure.

Larson stressed that Washington needs to prepare for the fact that Russia’s “appetite” in the Arctic will only increase over the years.


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